2018-2019 School Year Registration Process

  • 1. Click the Register button for the school of your choice and complete the Academy Registration form.
  • 2. Only students that are not currently registered with our board need to complete a registration package.
  • 3. Go to the School Cash website to setup your School Cash Online Account in order make future payments.
  • 4. Complete your Academy payments once you receive an email from School Cash. Emails are expected to be sent late January 2018.

School Cash Online

To make paying school fees easier, the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is now accepting online payments. School Cash Online allows parents and community members to pay school-related fees online safely, quickly, and easily. Click here to connect to School Cash Online.

Why consider the Hockey Canada Skills Academy?


Open to students in Grades 7-12, the Hockey Canada Skills Academy will help student athletes learn and improve on advanced individual skills and tactics, while developing a lifestyle on and off the ice that emphasizes building character through achieving both athletic and scholastic success. Purposeful practices led by highly trained staff, strength and conditioning designed to maximize physical attributes, and a focus on leadership will all position the student athlete to achieve their individual goals.

Technical development focuses on establishing confidence and creativity specific to each player's (forward, defenseman and goaltender) position:
  • Multi Directional Skating
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Puck Control
  • Checking Progressions
  • Deceptive Skills
  • Decision Making & Thinking
  • Stance & Movement

Tactical themes are established to increase the athletes' understanding of and passion for the game, translating to maximum success as student athletes progress throughout the various levels. Ice sessions incorporate numerous competitive small area games and cutting edge teaching methods so athletes are stimulated and challenged in each ice session.
  • Puck Control/Protection
  • Tactical Assessment
  • Delays
  • Creativity
  • Offensive/Defensive Width & Depth
  • Passing Lane Concepts
  • Face-Offs
  • Puck Patience
  • Gap Control
  • Escape Ability
  • Angling
  • Time/Space
  • Transition
  • Shot Blocking

2018-2019 Fee Structure Hockey Canada Skills Academy

Academy Registration Fees Details
Elementary September through June Cost $500.00 (Students at Central Park 4 days/week)
  • 75 hours of on-ice training delivered by Skills Experts
  • 75 hours of off-ice training (fitness, theory, health curriculum)
Secondary Semestered Cost $350.00 (Students at Central Park 5 days/week)
  • 50 hours of on-ice hockey training delivered by Skills Experts
  • 60 hours of off-ice training (fitness, theory, health curriculum)

Typical day for a student. Starting at Central Park Athletics.

7-8 Hockey 9:05 - 9:55 (50 mins) 10:10 - 11:48 Subject based curriculum Bus Transportation to Brennan 1:08 - 3:30 Subject based curriculum
9-12 Hockey 8:30 - 9:20 (50 mins) 9:41 - 11:00 Subject based curriculum Bus Transportation to Brennan 11:45 - 1:00 Subject based curriculum 1:05 - 2:20 Subject based curriculum