2018-2019 School Year Registration Process

  • 1. Click the Register button for the school of your choice and complete the Academy Registration form.
  • 2. Only students that are not currently registered with our board need to complete a registration package.
  • 3. Go to the School Cash website to setup your School Cash Online Account in order make future payments.
  • 4. Complete your Academy payments once you receive an email from School Cash. Emails are expected to be sent late January 2018.

School Cash Online

To make paying school fees easier, the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board is now accepting online payments. School Cash Online allows parents and community members to pay school-related fees online safely, quickly, and easily. Click here to connect to School Cash Online.

Why consider the Aikido Academy?

What is Aikido? Often called the quiet martial art, the philosophy and principles of modern Aikido are based upon more that 800 years of samurai life. This highly developed martial art emphasizes using the nature and force of an assailant's attack to control and or subdue him. Aikido techniques are comprised of controls, pressure points, pins and throws. Although Aikido techniques are very powerful, they are not designed to damage or cause injury. Aikido's focus is the peaceful resolution of conflict, with harmony and self-improvement as its goals. Aikido is not a system for preparing fighters, but a form of martial art that leads to confidence, power and well-being. This essence of the true warrior way is not expressed through competition, fighting and war but is to be found through self-control, personal development and peace.

Is Aikido for You? Aikido is an invigorating and rewarding activity regardless of your age or experience. While it is a complex and highly disciplined art, the techniques of Aikido emphasize smooth, graceful movement that can be learned by almost anyone through practice. Aikido knowledge is cumulative and a regular schedule is the key to growth. You progress at a pace compatible with your abilities and your commitment. While anyone can enjoy the benefits of Aikido, individuals with physical impairments should consult their physician to determine whether Aikido training is suitable.

What is an Aikido class like? Classes begin with warm-up exercises, basic movements and breakfalls. These exercises improve flexibility, prepare the body for movement and are the fundamental patterns upon which all Aikido techniques are based. Safe breakfalls are essential to strong Aikido technique. Breakfalls are practiced over time until safe falls become second nature. After the warm-up period, the instructor demonstrates and then teaches Aikido techniques. Repetition is critical to Aikido training and students repeat techniques many times in the course of one class session. There are change rooms and shower facilities provided.

There are many benefits in studying Aikido:
  • Aikido techniques are very powerful and effective should it be necessary to protect yourself. Regular Aikido training builds self-confidence and can provide the ability to react appropriately in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Aikido techniques are based on locks, holds, takedowns, throws, pressure points and pins. There is no punching or kicking in Aikido although we train in how to deal with others who do punch and or kick.
  • Students of Aikido discover a lifelong opportunity to achieve and maintain cardiovascular fitness, overall flexibility, stress reduction, weight control, strength and vitality.
  • Aikido is a fitness activity without competition. There is no game-playing; there are no winners or losers.
  • For Aikido students, the training site (Dojo) is a special place to study a warrior's path. For the duration of the class, the outside world is left behind. In Aikido, the point is to find inner mastery and inner peace. Aikido is the way of harmony with yourself, with others, with nature and with society. For many, this is what makes Aikido a unique study. Aikido can show you the way to a more mature and gracious participation in the world around you.

2018-2019 Fee Structure Aikido Skills Academy

Academy Registration Fees Details
Elementary September through June Cost $450.00 (Students at Central Park 4 days/week)
  • 75 hours of sport specific training
  • 75 hours of off-court/off-field training (fitness, theory, health curriculum)
Secondary Semestered Cost $300.00 (Students at Central Park 5 days/week)
  • 50 hours of sport specific training
  • 60 hours of off-court/off-field training (fitness, theory, health curriculum)