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Kindergarten Registration

WECDSB provides full-day kindergarten at all city and county Catholic Schools. Please contact your neighbourhood school. Click here for a complete list of schools

Visit our Open Houses on February 21st from 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Online Kindergarten Registration (Pilot)

The pilot online Kindergarten Registration process is for parents and students at St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School and St. Pius X Catholic Elementary School.



Requirements for Admission

  • Four years of age in the calendar year of entry
  • Proof of address
  • Immunization record
  • Birth certificate and Baptismal certificate (child or parent)
  • Non-Catholics seeking admission should review ST01 Student Admission (Elementary) and consult with their local school Principal.


Kindergarten children of Catholic school supporters will be provided transportation if they live more than one km by road, path, or walkway from their designated school.

Note: a Transportation Application form must be completed by the parent/guardian. For more details, visit buskids.ca

Special Education

For children with special education needs, please inform your child’s principal upon registration in order to arrange a meeting to discuss your child’s entry to school.

French Immersion

Starting in junior kindergarten, this program is an option for children whose first language is not French at the following schools:

Christ the King Catholic Elementary School (with French Immersion)
St. André French Immersion Catholic Elementary School
St. Anne French Immersion Catholic Elementary School
St. John the Baptist Catholic Elementary School (with French Immersion)
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School (with French Immersion)
St. Louis Catholic Elementary School (with French Immersion)
St. Mary Catholic Elementary School (with French Immersion)

Transportation is provided for French Immersion students living within the boundaries of these schools. To check eligibility, visit buskids.ca


Translation services are available for some languages at the New Canadians' Centre of Excellence.  Call (519) 258-4076.

Assessment Information

Please check with the Board's assessment department to be sure that your taxes support the Catholic Education system. Contact us at (519) 253-2481 ext. 1135