New feature: Meet Our Students

Understanding and knowing each student so that we can better promote their well-being is one of our top priorities at the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. We are extremely proud of our students and we love to celebrate their accomplishments, and share their stories.

With that in mind, we are launching a new monthly web feature. Meet Our Students is an opportunity to showcase our senior students, and will allow them to reflect back and tell - in their own words - what it means to have been raised and educated in our Catholic schools.

Each student will talk about their school, their accomplishments, the challenges they have faced, the people who have influenced them, and how they have made a positive difference in their school and their community.

So meet our next student in this great new series: Joseph William Schwab

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Meet Joseph William Schwab - F. J. Brennan Catholic High School


My School

Unlike most students, I have had the opportunity to experience different high schools and can honestly say that F.J. Brennan takes the cake. The tight-knit community atmosphere is incomparable, with no one in the school going unacknowledged whilst walking through the very welcoming halls. The school spirit and caritas pride is constantly present, especially so during the infamous Zakoor Cup. At Brennan, every student has the opportunity to pursue their passions, whether it be sports, academics, or the arts, enabling us students to have the best high school experience one could ask for.

Making a Positive Difference

To make a difference, it is essential to never shy away from a challenge and be a leader wherever possible. Having had a passion for football, it was important to me that I get involved with the team, and had managed to become captain as a first-year athlete for Brennan, leading the team for an unfortunately short but sweet season. Beyond extracurricular, academics are my forte, and I always try to assist my peers wherever I can, helping them with homework or wherever their difficulties lie. When walking through the halls, often times you'll find me waving to someone or smiling because positivity is a chain reaction that starts with an individual, and I have always found it essential to be that catalyst wherever I can.

My Biggest Challenge

Having transferred to Brennan mid-year in grade eleven, I felt as though there was a good likelihood that I wasn't going to fit in; a new fish in a, well, medium sized pond. Within the first day I was introduced to the caritas spirit that the tight-knit school genuinely exudes, and was welcomed with open arms. Despite my inhibitions, Brennan's staff and students almost immediately had me feeling at home, as if I was there since the first day of high-school in grade nine.

My Accomplishments

  • Captain of the Senior Football Team
  • First Team All-City as Running Back (Football)
  • Honor Roll all throughout high school
  • Early acceptance into Queen's School of Computing

The person that influenced me most

When thinking about the person who influenced me most, the first person who comes to mind is my grade six/seven teacher, Laurie Clement. I have always loved technology and its many forms, and Mrs. Clement cultivated my fascination, extending my technological capabilities through the many recesses stayed indoors to teach and allow me to learn even more. Mrs. Clement has been one of the most genuine and passionate leaders I have encountered thus far, and it is her drive and hardworking nature that I hope to carry through my future in school and beyond.