WECDSB FirstClass Email System

There are two ways of accessing the WECDSB FirstClass Communication / Email system. The first and preferred method is using the FirstClass Client. The second is to use an HTML5 compliant web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer v11, Firefox or Safari.

You can install the FirstClass client on your home computer(s) by downloading the latest software.

Windows MAC iPad Android
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 MAC OS X iPad, iPhone, & iPod Android

After downloading & installing one of the files above, follow these steps to connect to the WECDSB mail server:

  • Launch the FirstClass Client...
  • Click "Advanced" and "Setup..."
  • In the "Server" section type: mail.wecdsb.on.ca
  • Click on "Save". You will return to the Login screen.
  • Enter your FirstClass User ID and Password and press Enter or click on the green login button.

** If you have any difficulty installing the FirstClass client please contact the I.T. Help Line at (519) 253-2481 ext. 1230 **

If you do not have access to any of the clients mentioned above, then you can access FirstClass using a web browser by clicking here

The web browser version is not as robust and does not support all the features available in the FirstClass client. For example, Forms are not supported. Use the FirstClass client whenever possible.