Student Achievement K-12

Executive Superintendent of Education - Student Achievement K-12
Emelda Byrne

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1526

Executive Superintendent of Innovation and Human Resources
Dan Fister

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1286

Superintendent of Education - Student Achievement K-12
Joseph Ibrahim

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1219

Superintendent of Education - Student Achievement K-12
Mike Seguin

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1203

Superintendent of Education - Student Achievement K-12
Melissa Farrand

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1120


Religious Studies, Religion & Family Life Consultant
Betty Brush

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1116

Curriculum Consultant, English, ESL, Social Science, and FNMI Education
Melissa Cavallin

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1239

Student Mental Health
Marylou Cortese

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1111

Coordinator of Experiential Learning / OYAP
Susan Friedl

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1106

Literacy/Numeracy Consultant
Kim Capaldi-Field

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1156

Math, Science, IT & Differentiated Instruction Consultant
David Petro

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1115

e-Learning Contact - Homework Help Initiative
Laurie Clement

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1188

Differentiated Experiential Learning Consultant
Mike St. Pierre

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1138

Special Education

Special Education Co-Ordinator
Shelley Donnelly

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1154

Special Education Co-Ordinator
Ken McCarthy

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1153

Special Education Co-Ordinator
Lorne Rocheleau

(519) 253-2481

Special Education Co-Ordinator
Angela Staley-Klassen

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1152

Program Specialist
Diane Tope-Ryan

(519) 253-2481 ext. 1142

Organizational Chart

Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being (BIPSA)

Philosophy & Mission

Philosophy of Special Education

The Special Education Philosophy of the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board will be to provide meaningful, student-focused educational opportunities for all students. We will shape our direction using the guiding principles of our Catholic faith to create a sense of belonging and acceptance. Each student will be included in the typical classroom environment, supported by parents/guardians, peers, staff and other members of the school family. We believe that all students should be empowered to become independent, active members of their community, a place where every person contributes and benefits from living and learning together.

Mission Statement

Every student is a valued and welcomed member of our Catholic learning environment. Recognizing individual strengths and addressing the needs of our students shall enhance growth, development and learning. In this way, all learners will be given the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful manner.


Following the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ, our vision is a partnership consisting of students, parents/guardians, teachers and other professionals.
  • Including every student in age appropriate settings as unique and capable learners
  • Creating an atmosphere of trust and respect:
  • Facilitating full participation as contributing members of the school family:
  • Fostering friendships in school and community: and
  • Developing confidence and self-esteem through shared responsibilities

Special Education Support

Community Support Services and Useful Links